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Throughout history there has been a set of core beliefs within the Jewish and Christian faiths: the belief in one G-d, the moral values of the Ten Commandments and the belief in the directions of G-d as written in the Bible.

By reading the scriptures we understand that the Word of G-d is one, which is one of the central principles within both the Jewish and Christian worlds.  By reading the stories in the Bible, we can get a better understanding of who we are and what life is about and parallel biblical lessons to our own society and moral values.

There is only one Land of the Bible: the land that G-d chose as his home, the land that has seen the miracles of Jesus, heard the lamentations of Jeremiah and where all rejoiced the return to Zion from captivity in Babylon. This is the Land of Israel.

We believe that by coming to Israel on a Study Tour or a regular tour with our Center, you will gain a firsthand understanding of G-d’s Word and see the stories of the Bible coming to life before your very eyes. You will see where the Palace of King David once stood, the very same place where his son King Solomon built the house of the L-rd

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As part of our vision we see the grand importance of saving and preserving our Biblical heritage.

Professional knowledgeable flexible  These three words precisely describe the Bible Comes To Life Travel and Education Center.  These three traits define our approach to our travelers, partners...

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By traveling to Israel through us, you help us fund the Bible Center and provide more Biblical studies content. Whether you are a pastor, a church leader...


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That our uniqueness lies in our leadership. WE are members of Tlalim Group - the largest Education travel company in Israel. Our team of experts, comprised of our top tour guides and Bible experts...




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