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Abel Arias

Travel Liaison – DC & East Coast



Abel Arias was born and raised in Colombia, studied Marketing at University of Bogota and Business Administration in Maryland, USA. He moved to the USA in 1983 where he met his wife Deborah and was married to her for 29 years, until she passed away in 2013.

Abel has worked as a Sales Manager and General Manger for several companies, where he was successful in expanding their sales and services. He opened his own home improvement company in 1998 and has been helping homeowners in the Metropolitan Washington D.C. area.

Abel enjoys talking to people from all nationalities and has attended the same church for the last 26 years.  He also loves visiting other churches and singing in the choir. He loves travelling – and loves exploring Israel: His first visit was in 1995, with his son Daniel (only 8yrs. at the time) with a group from his church. He has since returned several times on his own, touring, studying and building friendships.

Abel loves sharing his love for Jesus and Israel and enjoys talking with and helping others. He views “The Bible Comes to Life” customized travel and education programs as the perfect instruments to help Christians achieve their dream-excursion to the land of the Bible.


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Jacob Shoval

Travel Liaison – DC & East Coast



Jacob Shoval was born and raised in Israel, served in the army and studied in Jerusalem. An avid outdoorsman, he travelled extensively throughout Israel, worked his way through college as a tour-guide, and has deep knowledge and love for its amazing history, geography and culture.

Jacob came to the Washington D.C. area in 1986. An expert in Banking, Financial and Real Estate fields, he later opened his own companies and is consulting in the international business, development, sales and marketing arenas. He loves travelling and, beyond his annual visit to Israel, has been exploring in Africa, Europe and the USA.

He has been married for over 30 years to Bonnie – who works for Tlalim’s US affiliate ‘Authentic Israel’. His son Zvi is also an avid outdoorsman, an Eagle Scout, and they love spending time together exploring in the deserts and mountain regions of Israel.

Jacob has extensive global connections and enjoys sharing his knowledge & love for Israel, helping others gain the unique joy, spiritual and emotional uplifting the Land of The Bible imparts with the expert help of “The Bible Comes to Life Travel and Education Center".



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