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Omer Eshel

CEO and co-founder of The Bible Comes to Life


A fourth-generation resident of Moshav Merhavia, the   first Jewish community established in Israel’s northern Jezreel Valley, Omer majored in Historical Geography and Religions at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His university studies followed the mandatory three years service in the Israel Defense Forces.

Omer served as Israel Tourism Consul, Director, Israel Ministry of Tourism, Midwest Region, and was posted in Chicago. He had the responsibility of promoting tourism to Israel in 13 U.S. states.

Before joining the Israel Ministry of Tourism in 2008, Omer served as the General Manager of the Kibbutz Ulpan program, overseeing all kibbutz-based Hebrew language institutes in Israel. He also served as Education Emissary for the Jewish Agency in Ontario for three years, during which time he was in charge of Israel advocacy programming.

Omer oversaw the Israel Ministry of Tourism’s marketing programs for tourism to Israel from Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Russia and Ukraine.

Omer is a certified Israel tour guide and served as the Head of Staff for Israel’s National Parks at Qumran, Megiddo, Beit Shearim and Tzipori. He speaks five languages and specialized in Religions, History and Bible studies.



Moshe (Moshik) Porat

Founder of Tlalim Group Israel


Raised in Kibbutz Urim, Moshik started his career in informal education as the head of the guiding department for the Noar Oved VeLomed Youth Movement. Building on this experience, Moshik founded Tlalim group as a company focused on strengthening the connection of the Jewish People to their identity and to the Land of Israel. Since it’s founding more than 30 years ago, Tlalim has grown and expanded into a number of related fields. Today, Tlalim Group is the largest Educational travel company in Israel.

 Currently Moshik serves as the CEO of the Tlalim Group and is the proud grandfather of six grandchildren.

Roi Porat

Managing Director


Born and raised in Rishon L’Tzion, Roi served in special forces in the IDF for seven years and completed his service as an officer. Roi started his professional career as a guide for Authentic Israel, which is a part of the Tlalim group and subsequently received a degree from Tel Aviv University in business administration.

Specializing in the history of the state of Israel and the Jewish world Roi was able to bridge and to unite many Jewish communities around the world, using Israel and the bridge and the common ground to all.

Roi is passionate about traveling in Israel, knows the land from within and specialized in connecting the right site to the right people.

Roi lives in Rishon L’Tzion with his wife and three children



Eyal Goldman

Marketing & Content Editor for The Tlalim Group.


Eyal is a Jewish Informal Educator who spent the past 12 years, since his Army service, working and teaching in Jewish communities from around the world, in places such as: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Ethiopia.

With a passion for interfaith programs, Eyal has been part of The Tlalim Group for the past 5 years and directed a Gap Year program for young adults from the USA and the UK.


Eyal is  31 years old, and he lives with his wife in  Moshav Ginaton.









Yaffa Wallace 

The Bible Comes to Life Tour Operator 


Yaffa was born and raised in Holon and she lives there today with her husband and three kids.She has a bachelor’s degree in .

Yaffa joined Tlalim in 2017 and says that she really likes the organized aspects of the job and the fact that you are expected to think outside of the box.



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