Patricia Stirnkorb

Travel Liaison – Midwest


Patricia Stirnkorb is a Christian writer, speaker and teacher.  She loves to travel and document her adventures in words and photographs.

Her work has appeared in more than 200 national magazines, and she hosted a TV program for three years. Writing has always been her first career choice and she can’t imagine a day when she doesn’t write something. She and her husband are both photographers and enjoy traveling the world.  They have been married 46 years, have three children and three grandchildren. They both take an active part in their church where Patricia has taught the same Ladies Sunday School class for 17 years.  Her interest in Israel stems from her studies of the Bible and the relationship of Judaism to all other religions in the world. Her first trip to Israel was in 2013 and she can’t wait to go back again.


Email: Pat@tbctl.com

Linkedin: Patricia Stirnkorb



Jackie Lee

Travel Liaison – Midwest


Jackie Lee and her husband have been married for 36 years.  They have two children and six grandchildren.  Jackie has a passion for God and God’s Holy Word.  She has faithfully served the Lord in ministry areas as Pastor’s wife, Bible teacher, conference speaker, women’s ministry leader, children’s ministry leader, state-wide training, and music.  She loves the Lord and seeks to know Him more each day. Her passion for His Word stirs a great desire to learn of the truths revealed through the archeological discoveries in Israel. During her first trip to Israel in 2008/2009, she discovered the excitement of opening the Bible and visualizing the words coming to life as never before.  The accounts of people and places made greater sense and stirred the passion for greater and deeper learning.  This is a life-changing journey and Jackie wants to encourage everyone to experience this first-hand. 


Email: Jackie@tbctl.com

Linkedin: Jackie lee


Kevin and Sue McCarthy

Travel Liaisons – Midwest


Kevin and Sue McCarthy are into their seventeenth year as co-hosts of the popular Travel Planners Radio Show.  The two-hour broadcast is conversational, and sometimes humorous, interview style with fact-filled information.  They

bring you exciting Travel Topics on Destinations; Interviews; Hotels and Restaurants; Culinary; Business Travel; Boomer/Senior Travel; Family Travel; Deals 'n Steals  and much more.  Kevin covers the current travel news and Sue shares her travel tips. 


Kevin and Sue have traveled all around the world searching for places to

explore and share their experiences with their listeners.  They have visited 39 countries and 46 states.  Kevin has a background in broadcasting and voice-overs with 40 years in the business; fifteen years at CBS/KMOX.  Sue's background includes seventeen years broadcasting and voice-over experience.  She worked at Maritz Motivation for 21 years where she was involved with meeting planning, creative/travel writing and production.  She has made frequent appearances for three years as the “Travel Expert” for Fox News Channel 2.


Email: kevinandsue@tbctl.com




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