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Freedom & Liberty​ - By Eyal Goldman

In a week from today, Sunday night, Jews from all over the world will sit around the Passover table with there families and friends. On that night they’ll be drinking wine, eating Matzahs and most importantly they’ll be telling the origin story of the Israelites, fulfilling the Mitzvah of Passover, telling our sons and daughters the story of our salvation, from Slaves in Egypt to free people in our own land.​


Dec 26 2016 - latest archeological news

Archeological dig at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher 


Oct 26 2016 - latest archeological news

The Oldest non Biblical reference to the City of Jerusaelm


The Biblical Fortress of Zion revealed in the city of David

Following 18 years of excavation work, the "Canaanite Spring Citadel" is now open to visitors at the City of David, incorporating advanced technological innovations, taking the visitors 3,800 back in time.


National Heritage Site – The Biblical City of David

The City of David started out on a small hill near the Temple Mount. The special connection between the Jewish people and their capital – Jerusalem, began some 3,000 years ago. David Ben Yishai, a shepherd from Bethlehem, who became King of Israel, conquered the small Jebusite city and made it the capital of his kingdom.



In Search of King Solomon’s Treasures

Our story takes place at the beginning of the twentieth century in the land of Israel. In the year 1909, a young British captain arrived in Israel shortly after being released from his army service. The son of a British noble family, Montague Brownlow Parker arrived on a grandiose quest to find King Solomon’s treasures in Jerusalem.


From Xian to Zion - Israel China's ancient Connection


The Silk Road - 絲綢之路 or 丝绸之路, one of the most important roads ever been used by Humanity.

Our story begins around 3500 years ago when the great emperors of China wanted to trade with the empires of the west: Ur, Madai, Hittites and off course – the Pharos of ancient Egypt....


Just 25 miles north of the Sea of Galilee, along the main ancient road leading to Damascus, and on top of one of the main sources of the Jordan River, is the site of Caesarea Philippi.  Drawing people throughout the ages, Caesarea Philippi, was a pagan city that became the place that Jesus proclaimed the foundation of His church.

Rock of Primacy

The 153 fish that were brought upon the boat by the Disciples near Tabgha, represent the 153 nations that were known in the Roman world during the first century A.D.  also, in Hebrew, every letter has its numeric equivalent, the number 153 represent the words – I am God. 

Siebenberg House

Imagine being able to travel back in time, to see the layers of History that makes Jerusalem the Eternal City…

At the heart of the Jewish Quarter, within the walls of Old Jerusalem, you can find the home of the Siebenberg Family, this home has 4 floors, each floor is built in a different time layer, from the time of King Hezekiah through the palace of Herod the Great and all the way until the 20th Century AD…


The capital of the Galilee, built around the year 19 AD by Herod Antipas in honor of his patron Tiberius Caesar, the inheritor of Augustus Caesar.

Tiberias was built as a non-Jewish city but most likely, its builders where Jews from the surrounding villages, including the disciples of Jesus….