Germany & Europe

Shai Levi

Travel Liaison – Germany and Europe


Shai Levi is our Travel Liaison for Germany and Europe

Mr. Levi’s field of expertise is Education - both formal and Informal.

His wealth of knowledge regarding religion, Israel, Education and outreach, brings a special reinforcement to the Education division of our Bible Center


2013- Project Manager - Jerusalem Region and the Regional Sub-District - "Friendship Fund - Summer Activities"

2013 -developing a prototype of the leadership and empowerment programs - the Education E=Department of the Jewish Agency for Israel.

2009-2013- Education, Treatment, Youth Advancement Unit - Youth and Community Department - Givatayim Municipality.

 2012-2013 -Teacher at - ORT Geula Tel Aviv.

2011 -Teacher -, Personal Commitment Coordinator at the Comprehensive School in Ramat Gan.

2011 -Steering Committee 'City without Violence' Youth Forum - Ramat Gan Municipality - Education Division.

2009-2010 - Member of Management and Administration Team - 12IDEC International Conference for Democratic Education - Israel.

2008-2010 - Facilitating projects for the children of immigrants - "Hayarden" School - Tikva, Tel Aviv.

2009 - Guide to youth leadership groups - Amrican Corner The Arab-Jewish Center-Jaffa-Tel Aviv.

2008 – 2013 – Director of Education- Youth Advancement Unit Givatayim Municipality.