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TBCTL Newsletter Issue 10 : The Day of the 9th

The Bible Comes to Life Newsletter for the 9th of AV

- Why do Jews around the world fast on this date?

- The destruction of the Templ


TBCTL Newsletter Issue 9: Don't Take Digging for Granted, Archeology in the Old City of Jerusalem.


This month edition of the biblical, Omer speaks on the problems in the archeological diggings in Jerusalem. Also brilliant discoveries from around Israel.

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TBCTL Newsletter Issue 8: Jerusalem Day

Stories of Jerusalem celebrating its 50th year of renuion.

Learn about the Six Days War and its effect on Israel today. And enjoy fantastic photos of old and new Jerusalem in this month edition.​


TBCTL Newsletter Issue 7: Israel Independence Day Special Edition

​The Bible Comes to Life celebrates Israel's 69th birthday.

- Omer speaks on the IDF and its role in Israel's society.

- Jackie and Pat from our US offices speak on their experiences in Israel recommending what they think is Israel's best parts.


TBCTL Newsletter Issue 6: Spring & Freedom

The Bible Comes to Life Travel and Education Center speaks on the arrival of Spring and its connection to many of rituals. 

Eyal Goldman, speaks on the price of freedom and the idea bhind Passover.

TBCTL Newsletter Issue 5: The USA Tour ​

The Bible Comes to Life came to American for a fantastic tour and discovered the loive and support Israel has in the Midwest and Texas.

Also why do Christians love Israel by Pat Robertson.


TBCTL Newsletter Issue 4: TBCTL Coming to America

The Bible Comes to Life Travel and Education Center coming to the United States to spread the word on the latest archeological discoveries. 

Also the story of Siebenberg House

and Caesarea Philippi


TBCTL Newsletter Issue 3: A New Year Starts


​- This month a reflection on the human condition and its connection to God.

- Also, Ancient Engravings Found by Hikers including a specific cross symbol.

- Bible Shorts Present: The story of Zippori.



TBCTL Newsletter Issue 2: Fire & Trees

- The tragic fire arsoning that took pace in Israel affected many, here are some thoughts about this event. 


- Also the incredible article on the research in the holiest site in Christianity.


TBCTL Newsletter Issue 1 : In the Beginning

Published November 1st, 2016