Credit for the pictures:  Israeli Ministry of Tourism


Training tour guides in Israel

On Dec 6 2016, our Bible Center had given a lecture regarding Archeology, the Bible, and the connecting ties between them


Newsletter Nov 2016

We are happy to introduce our new Monthly Newsletter

Every month we will be sending news from Israel regarding the latest archeological discoveries


Coming Home event - The largest event in Asia

.Between the dates July 13- July 17, The CEO of TBCTL, Mr. Omer Eshel, and the Chief Representative of TBCTL China, Ms. Hadassah Joy Zhang. Had participated at the largest Chinese Faith based event in Hong Kong – “Chinese coming home” that took place at Hong Kong’s convention center Asia Expo.


Mr. Eshel and Ms. Zhang had met with several of the top leaders of the Christian world in China and East Asia. 


TBCTL Is opening a new base of operations in China, July 8 2016


TBCTL publish the latest Biblical Discoveries film - Mount of Beatitudes, July 1 2016

The Bible Comes to Life Travel and Education Center published today the July edition of the Biblical Discoveries Series - The Sermon on the Mount - Mount of Beatitudes 


CEO of The Bible Comes to Life gives a lecture in Shanghai for Israel Independence Day, May 7 2016

Omer Eshel, the CEO of The Bible Comes to Life Travel and Education Center Was invited as the Keynote speaker at the Israel Independence day in Shanghai. Mr. Eshel came as a personal guest of Mr. Benjamin Feng, the president of Israelplan China. Mr. Eshel gave a lecture of an hour and a half in English (translated to Mandarine) about the Archeological sites in Israel that are mentioned in the Bible. the lecture was presented in front of 150 people, where after it there was a Q&A session.


Exclusive program of the Bible Center - Learn Hebrew in a Kibbutz in Israel, April 2 2016

The Bible Comes to Life Travel and Education Center had started to promote an exclusive, unique and special program - learn Hebrew with people from all over the world, stay and live in a Kibbutz near Jerusalem and travel the Land.


Latest Archeological news,  June 1 2016

An amazing discovery of the ancient City of Dan in the north of Israel.
See for yourself hoe the Bible Comes to Life in Israel!
 "And they called the name of the city Dan, after the name of Dan their father, who was born to Israel. However, the name of the city formerly was Laish." Judges 18:29

The Bible Comes to Life Teaches Biblical Archeology in China,  June 19 2016

The Bible Comes to Life Travel and Education Center had joined the Israel plan organization in order to give more information about Israel to our Chinese friends 


The Bible Comes to Life opens study session for Israeli tour guides to better understand and teach the Bible,  May 2 2016


The Bible Comes to Life Travel and Education Center had started a periodically series of lectures about the Bible at our center in Israel, the Land of Israel and the different ways to teach the Biblical sites in Israel