Professional knowledgeable flexible


These three words precisely describe the Bible Comes To Life Travel and Education Center. These three traits define our approach to our travelers, partners, and associates around the world. We are passionate about what we do and strive for excellence in the quality and delivery of our services.


Founded by a former official Consul of Tourism and one of Israel’s largest travel and education company – Tlalim Group , The Bible Comes to Life is a travel and Education center and also Israel’s first ever online Biblical tours information center. The Bible Comes To Life turns your journey to Israel, in the private, public, business and religious sectors, into a life time experience that will give you a special gaze into the amazing Land of Israel with its incredible history, technological achievements and of course its unique Biblical legacy and heritage.


Having established a solid reputation with governments and enterprises alike, The Bible Comes To Life believes in establishing strong partnerships, based on an understanding of the need of that added value of each tour. 

Biblical Heritage 


As part of our vision we see the grand importance of saving and preserving our Biblical heritage.

By doing so, we guarantee that our children and our children’s children will have an access to the actual sites where the stories of the Bible took place.


The Bible Comes to Life Travel and Education Center is a proud partner of the Israel Biblical Heritage foundation.

We help and support the foundation on a regular basis, our study tours take an active role in preserving a site and making sure it will be there for the future generations.  


We take great proud in helping to promote one of the most amazing archeological discoveries in the past 100 years - the 1st century AD Synagogue of Magdala - www.magdala.org




We believe that our uniqueness lies in our leadership. Our team of experts, comprised of our top tour guides and experts, providing the level of knowledge, service and an individual care. Each member of The Bible Comes To Life management is an accomplished tourism expert, bringing valuable expertise and innovation to the table.


The Bible Comers To Life offers added value to each of its clients by providing the means with which to have a unique journey in Israel. These include:


  • We offer a deep understanding of the Bible through our Study Tours.
  • We offer a profound understanding each of the backgrounds of our clients and parameters that impact your journey and what you are looking for.


  • We offer a 360-degree tour package that includes the right itinerary, guides and needs of each traveler / group. 


  • We design innovative, tailor-made study tours that match your specific objectives, needs and circumstances. Though the parameters may differ from one group to another and from region to region, our customers and partners benefit from our creativity, deep market understanding and well-established relationships that enable the perfect tour for you. 

Bible  Study tours 

By traveling to Israel through us, you help us fund the Bible Center and provide more Biblical studies content. 


Whether you are a pastor, a church leader, a teacher or anyone who reads the Bible, we are offering you our free online Biblical learning tool box.


  • This tool box is made out of short videos about Biblical sites in Israel.
  • Articles that show different angles of Biblical stories and events.
  • Podcasts about recent discoveries that support the Bible.
  • All photos, presentations, articles and movies on this website can be saved and used in any way that promote the Bible and His Word - credit must be given to The Bible Comes to Life Travel and Education Center.


Our Online learning center is based on shared information. If you have an article about the Bible or a testimonial you wish to share, please send it to us.


By using our Biblical online learning center, one can get a better understanding of the Bible and be prepared for his or her journey of a lifetime to Israel  with our Biblical experts Study Tours.

It’s all about experience

A visit to Israel, The Land of the Bible, is not to be seen as a tourist destination, it is a journey both for the mind and soul. It is a journey that involves a significant financial investment, we are fully aware of that and for this reason we believe in offering the best programs, best guides and most unique approach that are well worth the investment.


Sometimes, in the tourism business, selling a tour is more important than the tour itself. In our case, if that had been the situation, we would not have been here.


We believe that by traveling to Israel with us you can get a better understanding of the Bible, see the truth of His word and enhance your own ministry. A journey to Israel is a catalyst for all to study the Bible and to see it like never before.


Many pastors who had traveled with us told us that they have never been the same after returning from the journey to Israel, that journey had enhanced their own ministries and congregations.